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I’m Sean Whelahan, owner operator of 6A Tours. 
I have more than 25 years experience in the travel and service industry. From the tranquility of Alaska, to the wildlife of Africa and the beauty of the Outback, I’ve done it all. My Cape Cod heritage extends to the early 1920’s, before the Bourne and Sagamore bridges were built. My unique personal perspective, coupled with my historical knowledge, makes me a trusted leader in the Cape Cod Tourism Industry.

My mission is not simply educating you and your guests in our History. You can watch a documentary for that information. I will help you experience Cape Cod from a local's perspective.

I will show you what's it’s like to live here on one of the most beautiful islands in the country. Yes, it is an island, a man-made one, but an island nonetheless.

Call a pro! Call me, Sean Whelahan, as the  guide you need for your next tour of this beautiful, historic area we love!  508-360-1135.

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